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The Government is lying to you.

The Military is controlling you.

An Artificially Intelligent virus is stalking you…

Your stepfather is trying to kill you!

Your DNA is being rewritten by nanobots!!


And your grandfather Paris is probably the spy behind it all. 


Like most young heroes he was born from catastrophe…

All California teen Hector Haveck wanted for the summer was to get closer to his attractive Robotics classmate, Yésica Brick. Instead he’s forced to figure out his seven new lame superpowers. Each one only works for one day a week…

  • Sundays: Glowing in the dark (Wow).
  • Mondays: Bending spoons with his mind (Big deal).
  • Tuesdays: Growing eyes anywhere on his body (Gross!).
  • Wednesdays: Cooking objects with the heat of his mouth (Pointless…).
  • Thursdays: Seeing the family tree and history of any person he meets (Kinda cool?).
  • Fridays: Instant healing after two minutes (Now we’re talkin’!).
  • Saturdays: Manipulation of dreams and reality (Uh, that’s weird. And spooky…).

…and these ‘useless’ abilities quickly become dangerous and out of Heck’s control. He soon learns that a side effect of his last two abilities is the power to cross dimensions…which is exactly what he was built to do by ‘The Fin,’ a secret society obsessed with locating Oannes ReHav-Marre, the immortal king of ancient Atlantis. The problem is Oannes and his mermen legions will do anything to return home, even if it means erasing 10,000 years of human history!

With an intertwining story arc of Nikola Tesla, Godfather of the Electrical Age, and extended cameos by Rasputin the Mad Monk (personal healer to the last Tsar of Russia), Napoleon of France, Jack the Ripper, Adolf Hitler, Albert Einstein, and many others, this original, genre-bending tale tackles every global conspiracy conceivable—from Men in Black, the JFK assassination, the lost city of Atlantis, CIA and KGB mind control programs, trans-dimensional ‘aliens,’ and secret elitist cabals plotting world domination from Bohemian Grove, ‘Haveck’ finally sheds light on the puppeteers behind it ALL!


The novel was originally published under the title ‘The Altered States of Hector Haveck’