Apparently there is a ‘news story’ from MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ Scarborough that Donald Trump asked about nuclear weapons use.  Then his co-host Mika Brzezinski warned:

‘Be careful America, and be careful Republican leaders.’

Be careful of what, exactly? A Presidential candidate asking questions about America’s nuclear options?

Look, 1st off—This is pure hearsay!

Scarborough wasn’t there. That makes it shoddy reportage at best.

It’s Scarborough saying that another guy said that Trump asked another guy a question. Or that he asked it repeatedly (I would repeat a question, too, if it wasn’t answered the first time!).

Is this real news?

2nd–Why can’t Trump (or anyone else) ask these questions?

He is correct to ask, if in fact he did. We have nukes, we spend billions to maintain them…we have missiles and gravity bombs and they sit as a deterrent. But they are not deterring ISIS…at least not when they know we’ll never use them. But why won’t we use them? We had no problems dropping them on Japan in WWII, and I don’t think anyone would make the argument that Japan was nearly as bad as ISIS or many other terrorist groups operating today… So it is a fair and logical question. I’m not happy the US dropped bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but it happened, and it could happen again. I’d like to think the White House lays out the plans for such action in advance. To plan ahead, one must ask questions first.

If we won’t ever use them again, get rid of them and stop wasting money on them.

But if we ‘don’t want to ever have to use them’ but keep them as a ‘just in case’ deterrent, then that means we are reserving the right to use them in a certain situation. Agree or disagree? If you agree, then it follows that there are some cases when we might use them. Shouldn’t a President know when those cases are? Isn’t it, I dunno, part of his or her job?

3rd–Realize many countries have nukes

…and some, if they had them, would use them every day. Syria is using chemical weapons on civilians right now, on families. But my point is, if all these countries have nukes, and still other countries are trying to obtain them, then at some point it needs to be asked–what the heck are we continuing this build up for? We need ’em because our enemies have them, but if our enemies didn’t have them, we’d get rid of ’em? Yeah, right! How did that work out with the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty? Seems like we still have nukes. So does Russia…so let us not play naive, darlings. Those bombs aren’t sitting there for shits n’ giggles.  

4th and last–It is hypocritical for GOP…

…to say let’s carpet bomb ISIS back to the Stone Age, but as soon as Trump merely asks a question about which kind of bomb to use, he is suddenly demonized. What, other bombs don’t kill people??

Make up your mind, folks! In any case it is only a question, and a supposed one at that. Meaning there is no proof. I would be shocked if anyone could prove the other presidents (or candidates) had not asked the exact same questions, but of course nobody can prove one way or other.

Just like this. Because it is hearsay.

UPDATE: Washington Post raised a good point–who was the so-called expert Trump was supposedly speaking to?? By his own admission on air, ‘former CIA director Michael Hayden confirms that none of his peers is talking to Trump.’ This was meant to be a slam, yet it sort of backfires…if no one is talking to Trump, then the person he was questioning about nukes must not have been very relevant…making this an ‘invented’ story!