Read of the vast accomplishments of history’s greatest, forgotten inventor–Nikola Tesla, godfather of the modern electrical age!
electrical big.jpgThis literary short story examines his frail childhood, his ethereal visions, the mad rise to power, and his ultimate legacy…to be overshadowed by Thomas Edison, his chief rival in the War of the Currents.

A long-held conspiracy suggests Tesla’s wild experiments may have been responsible for not only shaking up several blocks in New York City, but also for the 1908 Tunguska Event which inexplicably leveled 770 square miles of Siberian wilderness.

There may also be a remote chance that Tesla, a life-long obsessive-compulsive, did not die celibate, as has long been rumored…but rather, perhaps he had a brief fling with none other than an exile of the Tunguska region, a beautiful Russian spy whose father had once been a counsel to the Czar…
The short story is an excerpt of the Tesla story arc featured in the full-length novel, ‘Haveck: The First Transhuman.’

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