The Great Controversy Between Christ and Satan, on sale for $1.99 as an Amazon Kindle e-book!  The Great Controversy is a clear-headed yet startling read for all Christians and religious history buffs. Beginning with an account of the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70, the book covers the Reformation and Advent movement, then culminates with a lengthy description of the END TIMES. great con2

There is a truly phenomenal amount of research devoted to the historical conflict between Roman Catholicism and Protestantism. The second half of the book is far more prophetic, a look into the future of the United States and a great persecution of Sabbath-keepers immediately prior to the second coming of of the LORD Jesus Christ.

This unabashedly religious book was originally written in 1888 and revised in 1911. It is the fifth in a great sprawling series known collectively as the Conflict of the Ages. The entire series, including this edition, is available in the public domain.

The Great Controversy should be read and shared with all family, friends, and neighbors–be they true believer or not–for this classic masterpiece contains time-sensitive spiritual warnings for each and every one of us…


1. The Destruction Of Jerusalem.
2. Persecution In The First Centuries.
3. The Apostasy.
4. The Waldenses.
5. John Wycliffe.
6. Huss and Jerome.
7. Luther’s Separation From Rome.
8. Luther Before The Diet.
9. The Swiss Reformer.
10. Progress Of Reform In Germany.
11. Protest Of The Princes.
12. The French Reformation.
13. The Netherlands And Scandinavia.
14. Later English Reformers.
15. The Bible And The French Revolution.
16. The Pilgrim Fathers.
17. Heralds Of The Morning.
18. An American Reformer.
19. Light Through Darkness.
20. A Great Religious Awakening.
21. A Warning Rejected.
22. Prophecies Fulfilled.
23. What Is The Sanctuary?
24. In The Holy Of Holies.
25. God’s Law Immutable.
26. A Work Of Reform.
27. Modern Revivals.
28. The Investigative Judgment.
29. The Origin Of Evil.
30. Enmity Between Man And Satan.
31. Agency Of Evil Spirits.
32. Snares Of Satan.
33. The First Great Deception.
34. Spiritualism.
35. Aims Of The Papacy.
36. The Impending Conflict.
37. The Scriptures A Safeguard.
38. The Final Warning.
39. “The Time Of Trouble.”
40. God’s People Delivered.
41. Desolation Of The Earth.
42. The Controversy Ended.