rubiExcerpted from Washington Post: Here is just one particularly appalling exchange between Trump, Rubio and moderator Chris Wallace:

TRUMP: I know what’s happening with the economy. You don’t know a thing.

RUBIO: Well, then answer the economy question.

TRUMP: You haven’t employed in your life one person.

RUBIO: But he doesn’t answer the employment question.

TRUMP: I have employed tens of thousands of people.


TRUMP: You haven’t employed one person.

RUBIO: You ever heard of Trump Steaks? You ever heard of Trump Vodka?

TRUMP: Oh, you know what? You know what? Take a look at Trump Steaks.

RUBIO: All of these companies he has ruined.

TRUMP: By the way, that’s the other thing…

RUBIO: Trump Steaks is gone. You have ruined these companies.

TRUMP: Mitt Romney…


TRUMP: … false, totally false. And now the funny thing is he didn’t talk about the hundreds of really successful jobs, the buildings all over the world that have made a fortune.


WALLACE: I have a policy question for you, sir.

RUBIO: Let’s see if he answers it.

TRUMP: I will. Don’t worry about it, Marco. Don’t worry about it. Don’t worry about it little Marco, I will.

RUBIO: All right, well, let’s hear it big Donald.

TRUMP: Don’t worry about it, little Marco.


WALLACE: Gentlemen. Gentlemen.


WALLACE: You have got to do better than this.

Then there was the audience. They did not just applaud. They hooted and hollered and booed all night, with some of them screaming and heckling while the moderators tried to ask questions or the candidates attempted to answer.

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