What do Napoleon, Jack the Ripper, Albert Einstein, Hitler, Atlantis, Rasputin the Mad Monk, Men In Black, and Nikola Tesla all have in common?

They, and many others, star in the novel ‘Haveck’, the ultimate nexus of conspiracies blended with a modern day superhero story!

“Most superheroes are born from catastrophe. Overexposure to gamma radiation. Murdered parents, murdered uncle. Home planet exploded… Or how about eating too much of a certain brand of breakfast cereal? That’s how it all allegedly happened for local teen Hector Haveck—”

Dice Valley, California. Sophomore Hector Haveck never volunteered to be a classified extra-governmental project, but after decades breeding geniuses and lunatics to achieve a boy with his abilities, the clandestine “Fin” has no intention of letting him go.

In the beginning, he exhibits harmless and totally useless abilities, one for each day of the week…but soon his power set develops into far more dangerous and freakish skills.

Out of pure jealousy, stepfather Klaus obtains his own brutal powers, turning into a raving psychopath in the process. Meanwhile Paris Haveck, the reclusive grandfather who’d stayed away for years, now emerges from the shadows to recruit the boy into the Fin…

Exploiting his power to cross dimensions and alter reality, they’ll stop at nothing to find and reinstate to power the legendary Oannes, immortal king of the lost isles of Yddlin Tesa. The Fin’s success will erase 10,000 years of history (plus totally kill Hector’s budding relationship with Yésica Brick, his Robotics classmate with a secret of her own).

As family and friends are recruit against him, Hector can trust no one. Bringing all his powers to bear, he is forced to engage Oannes’s mermen legions in their otherworldly dimension. Stand beside Hector as he enters not a new world, but a far older one, peopled by water-breathers who’ll do anything to return home!
Nikola Tesla, Rasputin the Mad Monk, Napoleon Bonaparte, Jack the Ripper, Adolf Hitler, and many others make extended cameos in this original, genre-bending tale of global conspiracies, life extension, and world domination.

As wild card mercenaries, insane family members, artificially intelligent malware, and lame two-faced friends feverishly plot against him, Hector is the only “hero” able to keep our timeline from being totally reset…IF he can break his brainwashing long enough to escape the Fin…
“A genre-smashing novel of startling originality that will leave you begging for a sequel!” – Albert Einstein, developer of the General Theory of Relativity

“Parfait et magnifique!” – Napoleon Bonaparte, former emperor of France

“Not bad. I should have been in it more, though.” – Jack the Ripper, Victorian serial killer

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