As points out, Ted Cruz is in denial if he thinks his citizen issue is settled.

Clearly it is not.

So he was born in Canada to an American mom…and a “Cuban born” father.  According to Cruz, this means he is a “native born American.”  Huh?  Let’s repeat, he was born in Canada, not America.

But not only that–his father was not American.  So…even if what Cruz is stating IS true, that you can be a native born American even if born outside the country, as long as ONE of your parents is American…then doesn’t the same hold true of his Cuban heritage??

IN OTHER WORDS (as the title suggests): What If Ted Cruz is a dual citizen, of both America and Cuba?  No, not Canada–I didn’t say Canada, because we know he renounced his dual citizenship with them… What I’m saying is (again), if he can be American because his mom was, then he COULD be Cuban since his dad was.  Right?

Just thought I’d throw that out there, in case nobody else has…