Er, um, Mos Def? We love you and all–you were the best part of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, that’s for sure… But look, in regards to your arrest in South Africa, trying to leave with a “World Passport”…it’s just that, all the rest of us are using actudocpassal passports when we come and go on our various worldly travels.  Why aren’t you?

I mean I have read the website of your “World Passport,” and it’s very nice and everything.  It reads good.  Nice designs and stuff.  But it isn’t real.  Did you read the details when you applied for this thing, or is this a stunt?  Tell me if it’s a stunt; I’ll go along.

“Oh, that Mos Def, see the shenanigans he’s up to in South Africa these days!” I’ll say, or something along those lines.  But so help me God, if you state you thought this World Passport thing was going to work, that this “passport” was going to get stamped…well, I don’t know.  According to their website, they DO have a track record of getting stamped!!

Which is scary, and should probably be brought to somebody’s attention, other than Slate magazine’s (keeping in mind one terrorist using a World Passport has already been charged in court for planning a bomb attack).

Like, somebody important, at the global government level.  Hey–maybe that was your point in doing this!!  Well done, Mos Def.  You have alerted the proper authorities to this situation!

Here’s an excerpt fro the World Service Authority’s website; so, some countries have stamped these passports at least once, and these guys consider that as official “acceptance,” versus, say, a mistake!  But hey, I make no judgments.  Like I said, it’s a nice idea, in any case… just not sure what the legal basis is for these things.  Ask Mos Def what the South African authorities thought about it…


The following is a list of countries which, on at least one occasion, have recognized the World Passport on a “de facto” basis, by stamping a national visa and/or entry/exit stamp. Countries in CAPITAL letters indicate “de jure” or official recognition of the World Passport. WSA requests travelers to send photocopies or scans of visa/entry/exit stamps to the Washington, DC office for our records. This list is current as of October 2015. Please note that the stamps shown are meant to indicate recognition by the particular country but are not necessarily the most recent stamps.