Uh, guys? Is it just me, or was the general public AWARE all this time that Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz was not born in the United States?  No, really.  This isn’t an Obama birther theory; Ted Cruz was actually born in Canada.  Yahoo News is only one of many press outlets reporting on Donald Trump’s latest nuke.

Washington Post isn’t beating around the bush with discussions and debates.  They’ve posted an article online, ‘Ted Cruz is not eligible to be President.’

A brief excerpt from their post:
The Constitution provides that “No person except a natural born Citizen . . . shall be eligible to the Office of President.” The concept of “natural born” comes from common law, and it is that law the Supreme Court has said we must turn to for the concept’s definition. On this subject, common law is clear and unambiguous. The 18th-century English jurist William Blackstone, the preeminent authority on it, declared natural-born citizens are “such as are born within the dominions of the crown of England,” while aliens are “such as are born out of it.”

So, is this the end of the line for Senator Cruz? I don’t see how it’s not (sorry for the double negative).  You know what really irks me about this?  TED CRUZ knew the whole time, that’s who knew!  So what the heck was he thinking and why has he been wasting everyone’s time and lots of people’s money?