Death and Taxes writes, “The allegation that Uretsky was a sleeper cell planted by the DNC to bring down Sanders is just the type of wild conspiracy theory certain to be readily accepted by the average Sanders supporter. It’s also totally within the realm of possibility.


Of course they’re talking here about Sanders’ (former) national data director, Josh Uretsky.

Uretsky was fired for using a software glitch within in the Dem’s own voter database.  Once he’d allegedly hacked in, according to news reports he proceeded to download private information on Clinton, Sanders’ only real Dem foe in the campaign.

So what did the DNC do in response?  They punished Sanders himself, by freezing all access to the voter directories.  This, just prior to the most recent debate, which therefore dealt a crushing blow to his own team’s ability to tailor their strategy on the go.

Now Uretsky’s being called a ringer, send intentionally by the DNC to create a mock “BernieGate.”  Sanders is having none of it, though, and filed a lawsuit.  Read more at…