Gunned down in cold blood and in public, Lee Harvey Oswald, the “lone gunman” who assassinated President John F. Kennedy, Jr, never had a chance to go to trial.  Nightclub owner Jack Ruby saw to that personally, as you can see in the below photo.


But have you eve wondered what Oswald had to say for himself, besides jt the basic “I didn’t do it” spiel? covers all of Oswald’s final words before his death on Nov. 24, 1963.  Read what he told investigators and officers prior to his own assassination...


P.S. The Altered States of Hector Haveck features a lengthy side look into the Oswald’s past as well as the possibility that we was brainwashed during his documented time in Russia…

Here’s a sample from the 4.5 star-reviewed novelstar:

Rachko was beyond old school, ancient by most standards.  His clandestine roots ran deep.  The ‘60’s saw him working on the American Marine Lee Oswald, an imbecile who’d defected to Russia in 1959 and gotten married.  The KGB took a natural interest in such a dupe, a bird, really, who sang all he knew about U.S. military installations in the Pacific.  Oswald’s handlers offered him an important mission, and fool that he was, he’d agreed. 

So they sent him to Rachko Dyavol, Rachko the Devil. 

In those Cold War years of paranoia the eager Rachko was assigned to Department 13–assassinations.  The KGB trusted Oswald’s loyalty as far as they trusted anything and it was accepted he could be a “dangle,” a spy posing as a traitor.  So to ensure total compliance they ran him through weeks of experimental programming involving altered states of consciousness.  Dangle or not, by the time they were done with him his loyalty to the Motherland was locked in.  There’d be no thought of chickening out after the brainwashing he’d endured.  No, the robot would do as it was told…

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