Unused excerpt from “The Altered States of Hector Haveck”:


In early 1981 President Ronald Reagan directed the country’s intelligence services to collaborate on an broad initiative–to consolidate all scientific research programs with military applications and with classifications of Top Secret or higher.

The numerous agencies involved–the CIA, FBI, Office of Naval Intelligence, to name a few–were, by nature, not inclined to share information about their most safeguarded projects.  Frankly, they didn’t trust each other.  Nevertheless, a Presidential order rarely goes unheeded; a loose and begrudged agreement was reached between all the major players.

The overarching joint project, codenamed Cellar Door, would be headquartered out of an officially nonexistent building known as S/6.  Buried within the mountains near Groom Lake, Nevada, S/6 was thus housed within the borders of the most heavily secured military site on U.S. soil, the so-called Watertown Strip, more popularly known as Area 51.  Under the heavy guardianship of security firm Wackenhut, Cellar Door began swallowing America’s most closely held secrets.  And once they fell “in the Cellar,” they never saw the light of day again, except for those with the highest clearances or the absolute nosiest conspiracy theorists…who no one would believe anyhow.  George Herbert Walker Bush, former director of the Central Intelligence Agency, held overall responsibility for the shadowy umbrella operation, which is why President Reagan himself once said, as an inside joke to his Vice President, “George, you keep the lid tight on the honey jar, then you leave buzzing bees alone.  They’ll never get the honey so leave ‘em alone.  Swat ‘em and they sting you, and after they sting you, then they have to die.  Nobody wins like that.  So let them buzz…”

A week after the joke, John Hinckley, Jr. tried his best to assassinate President Reagan by shooting him repeatedly at point blank range.


P.S. The excerpt is from a fictional novel; it is NOT based on actual events.

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